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Gardening Tips and News

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November Advice

Autumn and winter planting should be in full swing now from Pansy to pear tree. Do try and remember the 3 simple planting rules:

Know what your needs are | Know your plant's needs | Know what the garden needs.

Ornamental Gardening

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Effective Watering

As responsible gardeners we all need to conserve our precious natural resource during the summer time with water-wise gardening methods. 

Joe Cronje, Gardening Club Plant Doctor shares his 5 simple rules that we can follow to ensure we water our gardens effectively and...

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Vegetable Grow Guide

Vegetables can be a great addition to your garden and what better return can you get from your hard work than fresh, home grown vegetables for you and your family.

Below the Gardening Club's Plant Doctor, Joe Cronje, recommends the top 25 vegetables to get you started and shares his grow ...

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Fruit Care Calendar


Winter pruning to be carried out. Spray trees with Winter Wash every 2-3 years to control moss and lichen


Winter pruning as before. Apply fertiliser towards the end of the month, at least 50-60 grams per tree. Check trees f...
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October Advice

One of the most beautiful seasons is here! You’ve probably noticed the autumn nights are drawing in, the leaves have turned and the air is getting cold. Summer flowers and plants will be dying back, but there’s always something to be doing in the garden.

Ornamental Gar...