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Gardening Tips and News

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December Advice

Not only do us gardeners need some winter protection, when we are out and about in the garden, but so does certain half hardy evergreens, pots and various garden sundries.

Move half hardy plants situated in pots to a sheltered position against a south or southwest facin...

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November Advice

Autumn and winter planting should be in full swing now from Pansy to pear tree. Do try and remember the 3 simple planting rules:

Know what your needs are | Know your plant's needs | Know what the garden needs.

Ornamental Gardening

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October Advice

One of the most beautiful seasons is here! Youâve probably noticed the autumn nights are drawing in, the leaves have turned and the air is getting cold. Summer flowers and plants will be dying back, but thereâs always something to be doing in the garden.

Ornamental Garde...

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September Advice

There's still time to make the most of the last days of summer in September by planting your spring flowering bulbs, along with autumn and winter bedding. September can be the perfect time to sow lawn seed or lay new lawn, do ensure that an established lawn has been aerated by the end of October ...