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Gardening Tips and News

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April Advice

The arrival of April signals full speed ahead for gardening tasks, whether you are gardening at home or growing your own fruit and vegetables on the allotment.

Ornamental Gardening

April is the time...

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March Advice

Ornamental gardening

Although having drenched borders, this is an ideal time for establishing hedges and large shrubs, due to the available ground water. Improve the drainage ability of your borders by incorporating horticultural sand as well as organic matter, such as we...

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January Advice

What makes gardening so interesting is the fact that there is no such thing as an absolute deadline for those jobs waiting for you outside in the cold. Temperatures can experience vast variations from location to location and each year is different from the last. January usually brings hard frost...

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Christmas Offers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Gardening Club have some amazing offers for our members to make this Christmas the best one yet.<...

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October Advice

One of the most beautiful seasons is here! You’ve probably noticed the autumn nights are drawing in, the leaves have turned and the air is getting cold. Summer flowers and plants will be dying back, but there’s always something to be doing in the garden.

Ornamental Gar...